This is absolutely priceless wisdom! I have gotten such a clear understanding of how our lives are created, this is so amazing! Such a blessing to receive this information. The more I listen, the deeper I understand. I…

M.W., Belgium May 2022
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Hi Dr. Laurie. I just wanted to say how truly grateful I am for all that you’ve done for me this past month. You’ve played such an important role in helping me during so many challenging moments of…

K.H., Maui, HI May 2022
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The pacing and content of the workshop was perfect. A little background information was shared for the beginners in way that was not overwhelming. The explanation of techniques worked well for the both the beginners and experienced participants.…

J.O. February 2022
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Using the breathing technique released much tension in my neck and mid-back area.

Thank you for the reminder!

N.M. February 2022

As this was my first time attending I didn’t know what to expect but I have to say that it was Great! Malia who led the session did so with much compassion, Love, and sincerity. It made me…

B.S. February 2022
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I caught my son’s cold over the weekend and after this practice my sinuses feels more open. Also filled with inner joy. Happy smiles throughout my body 😊. And I have to share this with you. Over the…

C.V. December 2021
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I Joined as a beginner, but in just two months I learned so much from the classes. Dr. Laurie’s schedule of action plans and agenda for each class was perfectly planned and in-tune with not only the beginner…

B.S. December 2021
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I have so many clients that I’m working with right now. Life is just so expanded. I’m going to launch a group retreat. I just feel so supported. My health is doing really great. My energy is doing…

A.G. December 2021
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