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June 30th, 2022 | 10 am–12 pm HT

Join & receive a Tao Light Treasure

With Dr. & Master Sha



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Maybe you feel helpless, despite trying different methods and nothing is bringing permanent change…

You could be feeling tied up with no escape.

Yes, we are talking about life challenges, most of us have faced at different stages of our lifetime. And many feel that this is how life is going forward and resign themselves and learn to live with it.

Perhaps you are facing a physical health challenge…

Feeling pain everyday, or pain that makes you want to scream at times.

Or a breakdown in your relationship, with your partner, or mother, father, or siblings… or with your work colleagues. This could be making life miserable for you.

Perhaps you feel you’ve lost all joy in life, and now you can’t shake off the depression, or worry. You could have lots of fears that could be stealing your dream. Maybe you have even given up on your dream.

So how do you overcome these?

Let me tell you about a challenge that I too had and how I used the teachings and methods of a powerful teacher and healer. His name is Dr and Master Zhi Gang Sha.

In 2014, I struggled with low energy and chronic fatigue. I had no energy and couldn’t sleep well because of the constant body pain. Even when job opportunity came my way, I could only work for 2 hours a week. I felt so bad that my husband had to work 2 jobs to make ends meet.

I’d seen different doctors, western, eastern, massage therapists, and more. I thought I was going to deal with this depressing life for the rest of my life.

Then I attended a healing retreat in Waikiki with Dr. and Master Sha. On the first day, my friend said to me, they need someone to help on the camera, can you help? During that time, I had about 2 hours of energy daily. I thought, why not? I could use my 2 hours for something useful.


I was on the camera for 8 hours straight and if the event continued, I would have had enough energy and joy to keep going. JOY…I hadn’t felt this kind of joy for so long to that point.

I didn’t know what happened but I was so shocked that I had to keep studying and practicing what Master Sha offers. Master Sha’s methods could benefit so many in the world! ~ Yanan Wu, Honolulu, Hawaiʻi

What is the best way to transform your life challenges?

There are actually 3 ways. All of these ways are connected to Tao. Tao is the source. So, we are connecting to the source, which has infinite knowledge and information. Master Sha is showing us how to tap into this source pool and bring transformation to us through these three powerful methods from the Tao.


Master Sha is joining us on
June 30th, 10 am–12 pm HT

to bring this powerful Healing and Transformation led from our Hawaiʻi Center. You do not want to miss this opportunity.

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Let’s talk about the 3 ways, so you understand his wisdom more.

1. Tao Calligraphy

Dr & Master Zhi Gang Sha has created some methods that help us to transform the negative message. And especially the information at the ROOT level of our challenges.

He has brought to us Tao Calligraphy, which is a unique art form that is bringing transformation to many people worldwide. When Master Sha creates these calligraphies, he connects to the Tao & Source and brings their frequency and light into the calligraphies.

And now, we just have to open our hearts and minds, and we just trace the calligraphy.

He has given us the Da Qian Bei calligraphy, which means Greatest Humility. And when we trace this unique calligraphy, we are connecting to Tao, we are receiving Tao frequency, we are being washed with this Tao light and our information gets transformed.

So now this information attached to our soul, heart, mind and matter begins to transform as we continue with these practices. Just in the same way that a person who shows love and compassion (positive information) will get different results than someone showing anger (negative information). And finally all kinds of blockages begin to leave us, blockages that have brought challenges in all aspects of our life.

2. Tao Light Transmissions

Since 2003, Master Sha and his certified Master Teachers have been transmitting special treasures, which are Tao Golden Light Balls.

These are given to the recipient (someone with their 3rd eye open would be able to see these after transmission to the recipient) and they are for a specific organ, system, condition or body part.

At this workshop, Master Sha will be offering this as a gift to all the registered attendees. And there are different levels of these special treasures, and he has chosen

A Tao De Da Kuan Shu Golden Light Ball & Golden Liquid Spring Treasure.

I know the name is very long, but it is a permanent treasure of the highest order that can help you transform your life challenges. It is included as a gift to you when you register the nominal honor fee of $80.

You will be given the opportunity in the workshop to request this treasure for one organ, system, body part or condition.

And then we will teach you have to practice with this treasure, so when you are at home, you can turn this treasure on and transform your challenge with a simple but profound practice.

3. Tao Song

And there’s more in this workshop. There is also Tao Song. Master Sha shows us how to chant a mantra (which is a positive message) which can carry Tao Frequency and Vibration, so our transformation gets accelerated.

Everybody understands that there is a frequency and vibration in sound (our mantras).

And they also carry positive or negative frequency, depending on the message.

Positive messages of love, forgiveness, compassion, humility expressed through our songs bring benefits and actually change the vibration of all the cells within the body.

Even negative messages can do that, but you don’t want to choose them. Positive messages vibrate at a different and higher frequency and they can transform the lower level frequency associated with negative messages of ego, hate, worry, guilt and more.

So the same message of Da Qian Bei (greatest humility) can be expressed in the form of calligraphy and song. And then we transform faster.



With Dr. & Master Sha

So lets re-cap what you will receive:

  • 2 hours learning wisdom with Dr & Master Zhi Gang Sha
  • Blessing from Master Sha through his Tao Song and Tao Calligraphy
  • Special Tao Golden Light Ball and Golden Liquid Spring Transmission
  • ​Practice with this new treasure to transform your current health challenge
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This is what our clients are saying

Here’s what some experts are saying about Master Sha and his wisdom.

“Practical, useful information and techniques for putting the body’s natural abilities to work on healing – a wonderful contribution.”
Dr. Wayne Dyer, Author of Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting

“As a scientist and philosopher, I have investigated the healing efficacy of the Tao Field created by Master Sha’s Tao Calligraphy and Tao Song. He is truly a messenger of Tao.”
Dr. Ervin Laszlo, Founder of the Club of Budapest and the Lazlo Institute of New Paradigm Research.

“Master Sha is the most important healer and teacher available in North America today. Master Healers are rare. Here is one of the living masters of soul healing and its effects upon mind and body.”
Dr. C. Norman Shealy, author of Life Beyond 100

Register for the event on Thursday, June 30th, 2022, and you too can transform like the examples given above.

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I Want to Know More

Who is Master Sha

Master Sha was born in China and started at a young age to learn Eastern Modalities like Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Feng Shui and more. He became a Tai Chi master at the age of nine. Later he became a western medicine doctor from China and also a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

He is now a Tao Grandmaster, healer, teacher and author of 30 books, including 11 New York Times bestsellers, and 4 reached number one. He has set up 12 centres worldwide, and over 7,000 Tao Healing Hands practitioners.

He has received many awards, including the Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Commission Award in 2006.

About Master Sha Tao Center Hawaiʻi

Currently, Master Sha Tao Center has 2 locations in Hawaiʻi: Honolulu and Kahului. Along with a team of Tao Healing Hands practitioners and Certified Master Teachers & Healers, Malia Davidson (Center Director), Laurie Omuro-Yamamoto, and Pam Uyeunten are transforming lives locally and worldwide through Master Sha’s wisdom, practices and Tao Light Transmissions.

Through Tao Center Hawaiʻi, Master Sha has trained Tao Healing Hands practitioners in Oahu, Maui, Hawaiʻi Island, and Kauaʻi.

The Center offers classes & workshops on Health & Wellness, Life Transformation, Spiritual Wisdom, as well as Healer & Soul Communicator Trainings by Zoom and in person.

Venue: 885 Queen St, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813 + Google Map

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Thursday, June 30th, 2022, 10 am–12 pm HT

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