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(FREE) Experience the Power of Love Peace and Harmony


Tao Center Hawaii
885 Queen St
Hawaii 96813

Date & Time

July 5th 2022,
6:00 pm 7:00 pm
(Honolulu – Hawaii Time UTC -10:00)




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Experience the healing field of Love, Peace and Harmony, a song that has brought peace, love, health and happiness for thousands around the world. Learn how to use this healing field to transform the blockages in our physical, mental, emotional, bodies and for all aspects of life!

I want to let you know about last Tuesday. I had broken my tooth about three years ago, making me worry more. Lucky me, you were focusing on the SPLEEN. Earth Element. I was on the line during your Hindi singing of the LPH song, when my line cut off. Very shortly afterwards, all the swelling and pain in my gums and mouth was greatly reduced. And it kept getting better towards 8:00p.m.!!!! I have had no further flare-ups!! I am very grateful to all of your beautiful animated visuals… It was so powerful!! Thank you so very much!!! – P.S., Big Island